1. Course Curriculum

    1. A Message From The Organizers

    2. R.A.I.N. Program Overview

    3. Pre-Learning Survey

    4. Chapter Action Items Checklist

    1. Foundation

    2. Career Paths

    3. Maximize Your Return on Time

    4. Overcoming Hurdles as an International Newcomer

    5. Mentorship Program Checklist

    1. Foundation

    2. Video: About Your International Background

    3. Video: Resume Best Practices

    4. Video: About Names

    5. Mentorship Program Checklist

    1. Foundation

    2. The Cover Letter

    3. Mentorship Program Checklist

    1. Foundation

    2. Networking Objectives

    3. Informational Interview Logistics

    4. Conducting Informational Interviews

    5. Mentorship Program Checklist

    1. Interviews: Foundation

    2. Fit

    3. How to Introduce Yourself

    4. Nontechnical Interview Questions

    5. Technical Interview Questions

    6. Mentorship Program Checklist

About this course

  • Free
  • 28 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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2. Interactive Sessions

  • Education Sessions

    Sessions providing an overview of careers in finance, recruiting best practices, resume tips and more, tailored for and individually presented to your organization.

  • Industry Calls

    Interactive calls with professionals working in investment banking, private equity, corporate banking, sales & trading, and more.

  • Corporate Partnerships

    Sponsored informational sessions with companies across industries. Past calls included Morgan Stanley and RBC Capital Markets.

3. Networking Program

Opportunity to be matched for one-on-one virtual calls with professionals in investment banking, private equity, corporate banking, sales & trading, and more. Registration for the Networking Program will open in Winter 2022.

  • Build meaningful connections with professionals in relevant industries.

  • Gain important "soft" skills such as networking, asking valuable questions, and more.

  • Learn about career paths that you are interested in and the best way to pursue them.

4. Recruiting Partner Resources

RAIN has partnered with leading recruiting organizations to offer members exclusive sessions and discounts.


Drop us a note for any other questions!

  • Do you offer help targeting other industries?

    At this time, our program is focused on finance, which has seen a lot of demand from international newcomers community and is also an area where our team knows the best. We will plan to expand into other popular industries in the future.

  • How long can I be enrolled in the program?

    You are welcome to keep the Course component for reference for as long as you wish, and this Course component is completely free!

  • Does your program replace career services at school or community centers?

    No. The R.A.I.N. program is designed to complement the general services you can get at school or community centers. We add value by offering advice specific to finance recruiting and addressing challenges specific to international newcomers. For example, your school's career center can be wonderful in proofreading resumes and preparing you for general behavioral interviews, whereas our program will help make your resume standout to finance recruiters and avoid common pitfalls that international newcomers fall into in interviews.

  • I'm not an international newcomer. Can I still sign up?

    Absolutely! Feel free to sign up. Most of our materials are applicable to both local and international job seekers.