About R.A.I.N. Career Institute

R.A.I.N. (Recruiting Assistance for International Newcomers) Career Institute is a registered charity dedicated to reducing underemployment of international students and recent immigrants in North America - aka "brain waste". Under-utilization of talent is expensive for our economies and costs tens of billions of dollars every year. 

R.A.I.N. is operated by a group of volunteers who understand the unique challenges facing international newcomers - language barriers, cultural differences, lack of professional connections, and the ever-elusive concept of fit, to name a few. Through addressing these specific challenges, we help unlock the potential of international newcomers by empowering them with the right set of job-search skills that work in the North American employment context.

2021 - 2022 Campus Team

Zehanna Visram
VP, Outreach

Maanveer Arora
Director, Outreach

Leafy Feng
VP, Education

Dylan Fox
Director, Education

Jennifer Liu
VP, Value-Add Initatives

Ruoyan Zhang
Director, Value-Add Initatives

Kelly Cao
VP, Industry Calls

Heewon Ra
Director, Industry Calls

Harry Huang
Director, Industry Calls

John Li
VP, Mentorship

Executive Committee

Rohan Chen
Founder & Chief Volunteer

Aaron Kung
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Dinesh Ratnarajah
Chief Financial Officer

Christopher Bamford

Kory Wansbrough
Head of Outreach

Adam Rogul
Head of Industry Calls

Alex Clayton
Head of Value-Add Initatives

Garbo Liu
Head of Communications

Chandan Gupta
Head of Education

Daniella Auerbach
Head of Mentorship

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